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1. The Gathering

INTAGIO will host the annual Gathering of 2015 with the objective of offering a space for participants to explore Gestalt practice in organizations.

Gathering PURPOSE

The four day event offers structured presentations as well as flexible spaces for experimentation and contactful engagement. Presentations will offer insights and case examples of the application of Gestalt concepts, and will be complemented by open time to pursue topics of interest and currency.

The objective is to contribute to further development of the theory, method and practice of Gestalt in organizations through intense collegial, professional experiences and dialogues. In addition, the business of INTAGIO will take place in the form of the Annual General Meeting. In the spirit of open experimentation and co-creation, INTAGIO members are welcome to contribute to the organising process itself.

Gathering PROGRAM

The first Gathering was also an experiment on the format. We liked it a lot, and therefore again we will have a lot of professional parts (about Gestalt in Organizations), a small official part (AGM, elections), and informal part (breaks, possibility to meet before and after, meals together, optional programs created on the spot).

Content and agenda will be co-created at the start of the gathering, based on what people offer, additional ides and the obligation to have an annual general meeting (AGM).

In January 2015, the organizing team run an extensive survey to form the basis of the professional part.  A quick reminder of what people offered for now for the professional part:
Dieter Bongers - Traumatization post and during the Ukraine war. Dagrun Dvergsdal - Leaders character building as part of leadership development. Jan Henrik Bjørnstad - A market place where ideas meet and impact the schedule. Chantelle Wyley -Use of self and presence: working across race and culture in the transforming South African public sector. Eugenio Moliní - Dilemmas that a Transformation Agent in Fuzzy Enmeshed Systems needs to navigate. Frans Meulmeester - Holy shit! How to put holy cows into question in organizations? Rosie Burrows - Cross Cultural Reflections on working with Overwhelm and Resilience. Georgette Kempink - Breaking away from professional hierarchies. Ien - Group manipulation. A case study. Jochen Lohmeier - "In our globalised world, Gestalt from a societal level of system perspective" Oliver Kozak – Elephant’s baby steps share your experience working in a government's organization. Sean Gaffney - Reflections on the History of Gestalt in Organisations (GIO)Joanna McMinn - Collaboration and mutual support for our work in different contexts -with the desired to build solidarity in INTAGIO. Gwynne Guzzeau - How are we doing what we'd like to help others do? Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine – Gestalt Philosophy of Being.

Also, another offering as new initiative, is to meet a local organization. Our member Konstantin Pavlov is taking care of this, to explore how GiO works in practice in Russia, by visiting one of his client organizations, experiencing Gestalt in Organizations as a client.

Invitations sent out:

Gathering LOCATION

The Gathering 2015 location was decided during the first Gathering in 2014. One of the discussion in the big round was about where shall we have the next Gathering, and someone proposed St. Petersburg. As our member from Russia, Konstantin, was present, he took over the role to be the link with the local Gestalt in Organization community and facilitate the organization of the location.

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, with 5 million inhabitants, and lively Gestalt community. Here you can see a few pictures, or read the Wikipedia article on St. Petersburg!

The organizing committee spent a lot of effort to find a good hotel for us, having the right rooms, good location in the city to enjoy the white nights, and considered the price to a great extent, too. In fact, from the last three final possibilities, the chosen hotel, AZIMUT, had both the lowest cost available for the rooms, and the best possibilities for our programs. We managed to negotiate a better rate for the nights during the Gathering. Otherwise, ALL hotels in St. Petersburg are expected to be fully booked during the Gathering.



Collecting offers of themes of interest

Workshop facilitated by Eugenio about our values in INTAGIO
One of the final big group discussions
Linkedin/Twitter/E-mail lists

Beside the Here and Now
some There and Then

Results of the election

Even more exchange about GiO

AGM held also in Gestalt style

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