INTAGIO 5th Annual Gathering
Estoril (Lisbon), PORTUGAL
19-22 APRIL 2018

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The Annual Gathering

is a co-created meeting of colleagues with up to 35 participants, where there is time and space to share, doubt, discuss, listen, learn and work together.

This time we will meet in Estoril, near Lisbon, Portugal. Estoril is a popular place for holidays in Portugal.

The Annual Gathering 2018 will consist of:

  • Co-created professional content around Gestalt in Organizations
  • Informal space to meet one another, and the
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) dealing with organizational matters and elections to the executive committee.

Please Note. To ensure that our Gathering is as inclusive as possible, INTAGIO will be offering scholarships (to cover registration), to support people who have the intention and will to come and contribute to the Gathering. Any interest? Please write to Naoum Liotas on

Registration prices: 

Registration prices include:
  • Sleep in a single room or double room for three nights, including breakfast
  • Lunch on 19, 20, 21, 22 April, dinner on 19, 20, 21 April 2018
  • Coffee breaks for the gathering
  • Organizational expenses (approx 30€)

  Single room  Double room 
 Early bird - pay latest on 30 Nov 2017 -10% 355 €/person229 €/person 
 Early bird - pay latest on 31 Jan 2018 -5% 375 €/person242 €/person
 Standard fee - from 1 Feb 2018 395 €/person 255 €/person
 Non-residential 175 €/person 175 €/person
 Scholarship - 1/3 of fees to pay  135 €/person 85 €/person

Other info:

  • Extra night before and after the gathering to be booked directly with the hotel. 
  • For the double room, you can team up with someone, or ask the organizers to propose you to team up with other people who are interested to stay in a double room.
  • Non-residential price is offered mainly for those living in Lisbon, and includes:
    • Coffee/tea during breaks
    • Lunch on 19, 20, 21, 22 April 2018
    • Organizational expenses (approx 30€)
  • The gathering is self-organized, and a large number of members contribute to make the gathering happen, including the Organizing Committee. The above prices are used entirely towards paying third parties, mainly the hotel, and members do not receive financial compensation for their contribution,
See you then,
The Organizing Committee
Joanna McMinn
Ien van Duijnhoven
Jochen Lohmeier


Register your participation

1. Fill the registration form to participate


  • After you filled the form, your name is automatically added to the list below after a short delay (maximum 5 minutes).
  • We thought to make the list visible to all, so it can encourage each other to come. If for any reason you don't want your name to appear in this list, write to Joanna, and we can make it hidden.
  • Please register as soon as you know - it helps the organizing committee a lot in planning the program, and managing the contract with the hotel.

2. Pay the Gathering registration fee on the Payments page


Bank transfer: if you wish to use bank transfer instead of Paypal, we maintain a bank account for this reason. You find the bank details in the bottom of the Payments page.

Current list of registrations:

Organize your trip

1. Organize your VISA if needed

Countries requiring or not requiring a Visa:

Your room is booked by the organizers.

Hotel website and address:

Hotel Estoril Eden
Av. de Sabóia, 209 Monte Estoril
2769-502 Estoril

Tel. +351 21 466 7600
Fax. +351 21 466 7601

Directions on this link with Google Maps:

2. Book your flight to Lisbon, Portugal

Direct flights to Lisbon, on a map: