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Register your interest to become a member

If you are interested to become a member of INTAGIO, please fill the form below.

At this stage we collect data as "I'm interested to become a member". Real membership will be available at a later date, when the administrative process of the establishment of the organisation reaches the level to allow it (registration, constitution, committees, bank account and so on). We work hard on it, so hopefully it will be in the near future!
  • Register as a person, or as an organisation, or both. If you want to register both, please fill both forms.
  • Details are saved automatically in the members' list database. 
  • You get a confirmation in e-mail from our stuff during the next days.
  • In case you submitted wrong details, simply register again, and make a note in the comments field. We will manually delete the erroneous entry.
  • As INTAGIO is transparent, the member list is public, and is listed on this webpage (E-mail won't be shown). This is also to encourage others to become a member. If you don't wish to be listed on the webpage for whatever reason, please let us know in the comments field. 
  • If you can support the organisation with something (time, money, resources, knowledge - you name it), let us know in the comments field.
  • If you registered your interest already in e-mail, and it was confirmed, you don't have to register here. You can check your name in the member list here.
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