2013-12-23 - BECOMING INTAGIO - first Gathering in Mati, Greece, 3-6 April 2014

Dear Members and Interested Parties,

Our first Gathering will carry the theme of BECOMING INTAGIO. A Gathering can be defined as an intentional coming together of people in the same place and time for a purpose. The proposed purpose  is to support us in moving from us as indivduals - who we are, what we do - to us as an organisation: what do we want INTAGIO to be and become, and how can we achieve this.

This, our first Gathering, will include our first annual general meeting, our first election of the Executive Committee and then officers, followed by plenary presentations by members in an informal conference setting.

The venue is Hotel Aquamarina, Mati, Greece, 3 - 6 April, 2014
(arrival on Thursday depart on Sunday). 

This is the first of a series of mails with information about The INTAGIO Gathering. these mails will always have BECOMING INTAGIO as the subject, so that you can easily file and access them.
All information will be published on the INTAGIO homepage, too:


The Interim Executive Committee


Dear Interested Parties,

If you haven't done so yet, welcome to formally register your membership of INTAGIO and to make your membership donation of €10 - €100 according to what you can afford.
To do this, please go to

I'm writing you as you registered interest to become a member in INTAGIO, the International Association for Gestalt in Organisations. Our bank account and paypal account is ready, and therefore membership can be formalized now. Thank you and welcome!

Finally, please forward this mail to your network. The more we are, the more competence, energy and creativity we will have at our disposal.

Thank you!
Vice Chair & Secretary on behalf of the interim Executive Committee
International Association for Gestalt in Organisations


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