2014-03-31 - Voting information for elections (all members, includes remote voting)

Dear Members and Interested Parties,

1. The AGM will be in Mati, Greece, on Sat 5th April 2014, from 17h30-19h00 (as part of the First Gathering, taking place from 3-6 April).

2. You may vote on an internet page on:
a) Constitution
b) Members for the Executive Committee (EC)

3. Voting will be open from Thu 3rd April 2014 19:00 Athens local time (16:00 GMT) to Sat 5th April 2014, 19:00 Athens local time (16:00 GMT).
You will receive a ballot in e-mail with an individual link to to vote. Voting is anonymous, but tracks if someone voted or not, to avoid double voting.
All members can vote (also if you are not in Mati).

4. The interim EC, including officers, will be disbanded with the election of the new EC. Sean already resigned from the interim chair position during a period of illness. Later he wished to withdraw his resignation, but the interim EC voted to leave the chair position empty until the AGM.
In the new EC, the election of officers would take place at the first subsequent Skype EC meeting that would take place some time after the Gathering, but hopefully within a short space of time.

5. To vote, you need to be a paid member of INTAGIO before the start of the voting. If you didn't pay yet, please go to www.intagio.org, and click on the join us link. The voting ballot-links will be sent only to paid members.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the Interim Executive Committee
Oliver Kozak
Alan Hocking
Ila Eros
Jan Henrik Bjornstad
Joanna McMinn
Pavlov Konstantin
Sean Gaffney
Talia Bar-Yoseph Levin