2014-07-27 - Progress Update: EC election, Gathering 2015 and, 2016, Others

Dear INTAGIO Friends,

Hope you are having a great summer in the Northern hemisphere, and a great winter on the Southern!

After some silence, here are our first updates from the Executive Committee:

1. Election Results

2. Gathering 2015, St. Petersburg – SAVE THE DATE: 9-12 July 2015

3. Ideas for Gathering 2016

4. Others


We are happy for your feedback!


INTAGIO Executive Committee

Chantelle Wyley, Christel Segander, Frans Meulmeester, Jan Henrik Bjornstad, Konstantin Pavlov, Naoum Liotas, Oliver Kozak, Sean Gaffney, Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine


INTAGIO Progress update 20-07-2014

a) Voting in EC about roles, 30 June 2014
  • Chair: Oliver Kozak
  • Vice chair: Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine
  • Secretary: Christel Segander
  • Treasurer: Naoum Liotas
b) Other:
  • Left the EC: Joanna McMinn (family circumstances)
Link to minutes of election (pdf)
Christel Segander, EC Secretary


INTAGIO will host a Gathering in mid-2015
with the objective of offering a space for participants to explore Gestalt practice in organizations.

The four day event will offer structured presentations as well as flexible spaces for experimentation and contactful engagement. Presentations will offer insights and case examples of the application of Gestalt concepts, and will be complemented by open time to pursue topics of interest and currency.

The objective is to contribute to further development of the theory, method and practice of Gestalt in organizations through intense collegial, professional experiences and dialogues. In addition, the business of INTAGIO will take place in the form of the Annual General Meeting. In the spirit of open experimentation and co-creation, INTAGIO members are welcome to contribute to the organising process itself.
Chantelle Wyley, EC


A minimum of hierarchy, a maximum of participation.

INTAGIO is meant to be a member-led and member-driven organization.

Therefore, we would like to invite and encourage us all as members to already begin considering ideas and suggestions for our Gathering in 2016.

As you can read in this, the first newsletter of the first elected Executive Committee, our next gathering will be in July, 2015. And we would also like to ask all members to focus already on next one after that, the 2016 INTAGIO Gathering, including location, content and format.

As the executive committee, we are, of course, willing to support you in this. We can share our experience in organizing the 2014 and 2015 Gatherings and we can support you in spreading the news.

INTAGIO is its members. Our collective participation in who and what we are as an organism is how we can best gestalt ourselves as a force of the Gestalt in organisations field.
Frans Meulmeester, EC, Sean Gaffney, EC

  • Executive Committee (EC) meetings: the newly elected EC has had three conference calls since the Gathering: 28 May, 16 June, 14 July.
    We agreed to send out a summary of topics-decisions of the EC meetings/calls. The intent is to stay connected, and get feedback.

  • Gathering Mati 2014: Joanna McMinn created an excellent transfer of the flip-charts, available here, thank you!
    Christel Segander is writing a reflection on the Gathering 2014, which will arrive later.

  • Reply-to-all: many members asked us to send updates as BCC to reduce e-mail volumes.
    However, this way we lack feedback. Some of us in Mati started to come up with an offering of another way to support us to connect/discuss in INTAGIO, more later.
Oliver Kozak, EC Chair