2014-10-21 - Progress Update: Working groups, Belfast, Gathering 2015, Renew membership

Dear INTAGIO Friends,

We are a few days away from meeting in Belfast, Ireland, where many INTAGIO members participate to the Roots VI conference.

Three month passed since the last update, therefore here's our second progress update from the Executive Committee:

1. Working groups - participate, and be active!
2. Members meet in Belfast
3. Gathering 2015 in St. Petersburg
4. Renewing membership due 1st Oct 2014 (individual members: 10-100 euro)
5. Others

We are happy for your feedback!
Send to: xxxxxx

Oliver Kozak
EC Chair
in the name of the INTAGIO Executive Committee
Chantelle Wyley, Christel Segander, Frans Meulmeester, Jan Henrik Bjornstad, Konstantin Pavlov, Naoum Liotas, Oliver Kozak, Sean Gaffney, Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine



We created working groups to facilitate units of work within INTAGIO, with a leader in each to facilitate the group (leader can rotate).
a) Gathering 2015 - Chantelle leads the design for the Gathering; Konstantin has the local leadership. Sean will help with the connection to Konstantin if there is problem to reach. Christel, Tali is member
b) Associate Organisation members - Sean is leader, Christel is member
c) Recruiting members - Oliver is leader, Jan Henrik, Chantelle, Naoum are members
d) Writing group - Tali is the leader, Chantelle and Naoum are members
e) Constitution v1.1 - Oliver is leader (for now - anyone to take leadership?), Frans is member
f) On-line Communication (E-mail, Webpage, Coursera, Webinars, Twitter) - Oliver is leader (for now - anyone to take leadership?), Chantelle will contribute in 2015
g) Gathering 2016 – stimulate members to take initiative
e) Finance Committee - Naoum to lead (as treasurer), Frans, Joanna McMinn, Alan Hocking are members

If you are interested in any of the above topics to contribute with either a low or high level of energy, please contact the leader and/or a working group member!
Other working groups can be formed as energy raises around topics.

The Roots VI conference (organized by GISC) takes place in Belfast, October 23-26, 2014. Many of the presenters, participants, and the co-chairs of the conference, Seán Gaffney and Joseph Melnick, are INTAGIO members.
We plan:
a) Open information meeting for INTAGIO (to meet, invite others; content to be defined later)
b) INTAGIO EC meeting (our first face-to-face meeting, after six conf calls)

Please book the dates of our next Gathering in your calendar!

From the last progress update:
"INTAGIO will host a Gathering in mid-2015 with the objective of offering a space for participants to explore Gestalt practice in organizations.
The four day event will offer structured presentations as well as flexible spaces for experimentation and contactful engagement. Presentations will offer insights and case examples of the application of Gestalt concepts, and will be complemented by open time to pursue topics of interest and currency.
The objective is to contribute to further development of the theory, method and practice of Gestalt in organizations through intense collegial, professional experiences and dialogues. In addition, the business of INTAGIO will take place in the form of the Annual General Meeting. In the spirit of open experimentation and co-creation, INTAGIO members are welcome to contribute to the organizing process itself.
Chantelle Wyley, EC"

4. RENEWING MEMBERSHIP due on 1st Oct 2014
Individual members
Membership fees are renewable on 1st Oct of each year - now.
Please go to the website www.intagio.org to renew your membership!

From the website:
"INTAGIO is a not for profit association run for its members, by its members. We value inclusion and collaboration and therefore want membership to be affordable and accessible. Your annual membership fee is used entirely to help make things happen for the INTAGIO community. [...]
Individual members:
Between 10-100 € per year - you decide how much you to pay. The amount is only visible to the finance committee for transaction tracking. [...]
Associate Organization Members:
Please contact Christel Segander or Sean Gaffney."

I (Oliver) have paid already! ;-)

  • Member count: we are growing, and today we are already 69 members from 23 countries (see list of members here)
  • EC meetings: since the last update, we had 3 conf calls, 23 Sep, 06 Oct, 20 Oct
  • Place to talk on-line: a LINKEDIN discussion group will be available after the Belfast meeting.

Oliver Kozak
EC Chair