2015-01-23 Annual Gathering St. Petersburg 9-12 July 2015 - link to short survey, letter attached

Dear INTAGIO Colleagues,

Annual Gathering St. Petersburg 9-12 July 2015

The works to organize our next Annual Gathering in St. Petersburg are full on. Both the Gathering 2015 Organizing Committee (led by Talia Bar Yoseph), and the local team in St. Petersburg (led by Konstantin Pavlov), make a lot of effort to create for us a good space to meet. See the attached invitation letter.

The Gathering 2015 will consist of:
  • Professional content around Gestalt in Organizations that we co-create,
  • Informal parts to meet with each other, and the
  • AGM (Annual General Meeting) with a few matters as organization.
If you plan to come, don't plan to come, or don't know yet - please do read the letter, and give your feedback in the Gathering 2015 Survey.
It's only 4 short questions, takes 4 minutes!
Any ideas, actions, support are welcome to the Gathering - please do step forward, and contribute!
We summarize the answers in mid February.
So, please click, and fill in your answers until 10th Februray 2015!


Kind regards,
Oliver Kozak chair

in the name of the INATGIO Executive Committee
Chantelle Wyley
Christel Segander, Secretary
Frans Meulmeester
Jan Henrik Bjornstad
Konstantin Pavlov
Naoum Liotas, Treasurer
Oliver Kozak, Chair
Sean Gaffney
Talia Bar-Yoseph Levine, Vice chair


Oliver KOZAK,
Jan 26, 2015, 12:59 PM